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Your WordPress SEO Keyword Rank Dashboard

√ Track your Keywords rank on Google with the click of a button
√ Save TIME with an automated SEO tool
√ Recieve weekly updates
√ Best Value SEO Keyword Rank checker on the market

Stop Wasting Time Scrolling Through Google

Stop wasting time, not tracking or losing track of your sites keyword rank. Tracking your growth or loss of your page rank in Google is essential to your SEO success.

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SIMPle SEO Keyword Dashboard!

Track your SEO keyword success over time with the convenient 4-week history. Don’t lose track of your SEO success or failure due to lack of time. 

Set Up as Easy as ….


√ Pick a day of the week you want your weekly report ran


√ Select the page and keyword you want checked weekly


√ Sit back and let it check your keyword Google rank

Start Tracking Today

Save time and don’t lose track of your keyword rank with an easy and simple plugin at a low cost.

All in one place!

The one of a kind simple plugin gives you a dashboard on your own website where you can directly impact your SEO success. 

Check Your Keyword Google Rank

Our Simp Keyword Rank Tracker WordPress plugin allows you to conveniently and automatically check your Google rank for any page on your WordPress site for any keyword as many times as you want.