SEO – A Waiting Game?

Tommy Doll
Backseat SEO Driver

How long will it take for my website to rank on the first page of Google and when will people start to visit my website? This is a complicated question and the internet is filled with people trying to answer the question, but they often fail or make it too complicated. SIMple is our name so we will answer this question with three facts about Google and how long it takes you to rank on Google and get traffic from your SEO efforts.


          1. IT DEPENDS:I know you don’t want to hear it but it really does. We will get to the time answer but first, we need to understand getting ranked and getting traffic off of Google or any other search engine is different for each and every URL. First, you need to look at the competition of your desired keyword. If it is high it will be harder and take longer than the time frame we are suggesting, if it is on the medium side of competition it will probably take the time frame we are suggesting and if it is easy with low competition it will probably be quicker than the suggested time.It also depends on your content, site design and effort put into the website and it’s SEO efforts (SEO is not automatic with time, the time frame suggested is with someone who is putting in the effort). Content is huge for SEO and with quality and fresh content will cause you to rank better and faster in Google. If you don’t put the effort into SEO you will not see the results.Google (They are the one you are trying to impress) also plays a key in getting ranked faster (or slower) and getting traffic to your site. We will talk more about that in the next section.
          2. IT’S A WAITING GAME, WHY AND WHO ARE YOU WAITING FOR?Waiting is apart of the game, but we don’t mean sitting back and doing nothing, waiting means working your tail off on 

    your SEO strategy, building content and most importantly analyzing your progress. As you can see from

    1. the image with the yellow header, this is an example of how I track mine and my clients progress. Even when you are not getting the results you want, during the beginning period you need to track all of your keywords and look at the long-term (Keywords fluctuate and when you look at the short term it doesn’t mean much).

But what why does Google take their time on ranking your keywords, when you have the content and links? Google is in the business of answering peoples questions by providing them information by using peoples sites. They need to trust your website that it will provide good, accurate, and pertinent information. They are constantly crawling (indexing, or collecting information) your site to see if what you have will help solve peoples problems. They want to see a site who is constantly providing information and the more you prove this the higher that will rank you. This is like a creditor will want to see your credit history and see the track record of you paying off your debt, Google wants to see you provide relevant content over and over again. Show Google who you are over and over again.

  1. 6 to 8 MONTHS
    Like it was said earlier, it depends so when I say 6-8 months that is an average for websites competing on keywords with medium competition. I have seen websites rank on a decent keyword in a shorter time than mentioned above and I have seen them take longer than a year but use this time frame to benchmark yourself off of.  If you are at 8 months and your website is not close to the first page of Google for your targeted keywords and or your website traffic is still low you need to first analyze your current efforts. Don’t write SEO off. Most likely you are focusing on the wrong SEO Keywords (They may not apply to your industry, maybe no one is searching for those keywords). If this is the case you need to restart the SEO process and pick new and relevant keywords. If it looks like the keyword is not the issue then take a look at your or whoever is doing your SEO work’s effort.

Are you getting traffic but no one is calling, clicking, buying, spending, donating or whatever you consider a conversion you should switch your focus from SEO and look at your sites design, since this does hurt your SEO if people are not finding the answers to the questions.