Your SEO Dashboard

With our two free SEO tools combined with our SEO instructional content, you have a one-stop shop for all of your SEO needs. SIMP SEO’s toolset allows you to review your website, increase your page rank, troubleshoot SEO problems and track your SEO page rank.

SEO Audit Report

Check your website’s overall search engine optimization with our quick, free and convenient SEO audit. All you need to do is enter your URL, the keyword you are checking for optimization and last your email so we can email you a copy of that report for your keeping. The report will appear on the screen in less than a minute.

SEO Keyword Rank Check

Are you tired of scrolling through Google or any search engine to check your keyword page rank? We were so we build this nifty keyword rank check. All you have to do it enter the given URL and the keyword you are trying to rank for and it will tell you the URL’s exact Google ranking for that keyword.

Why Build SEO Tools?

We understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is hard, complex and often too time-consuming. To make it SIMpler we have dedicated our time and resources to creating SEO tools that will speed up SEO and SIMPplify it.

Free Tools

We know that SEO can be tricky and hard to navigate and take care of. We have created free SEO tools found right here on our site to make your SEO process quicker, more accurate and effective.

Coming Soon...

We have big plans, check back soon! 

SIMPlifying SEO for You

One plugin, tool, blog, video at a time