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Frequently Asked Questions

You asked it so we have the answer! Don’t see the question or answer you need? Let us know above and we will get you the answer.

What is an SEO Tool?

An SEO tool or search engine optimization tool is any tool, plugin, website, software, add-on and more that helps facilitate the SEO process. Usually, an SEO tool will speed up or simplify a current manual SEO process. SEO tools range in price some being free while others can be up to $200 a month.

How are your SEO tools free?

Our tools are free to allow you to have quick, convenient access to quality and reliable SEO tools. These tools are free due to us showing a small number of ads around the site. We also benefit from other profit-making activities done on our other site.

How many times can I run/use your SEO tools?

How many websites are there on the internet? Well take that number and ad a few more and that is how many times you can run our reports. So more or less there are no limits as long as our servers are not running at full capacity.

Do you offer paid SEO services?

Yes, we do, through Simp Marketing, LLC we offer partial and complete paid SEO. We also offer full-service marketing, focused on conversion marketing.

Will you be adding more SEO tools & plugins in the future?

Yes! We love building tools and even more, we love seeing the results of optimizing sites. We are constantly developing, testing and thinking of tools and plugins to helps optimize your site. Do you have a suggestion? Contact Us!

Will I get spammed with emails if I give you my email?

No, we won’t. When we collect your email we will only use it to pass on information. We will never spam, sell or give out your email information. Please let us know if you feel as though you have been spammed or your email was given to someone without your consent.