We are Passionate About Building SEO Tools & Content

SIMP SEO is brought to you by Simp Marketing, LLC. Realizing that SEO is one of the most important parts of building a successful digital marketing plan for most businesses is a solid an SEO plan and execution of that plan. Our only goal with Simp SEO is to make that part of digital marketing SIMPler.

SIMPle SEO Content

We strive to provide SIMPle, easy to follow and convinient search engine optimization content. 

Our SEO how-to guides, videos, and blogs are here to make optimizing your site to raise up in the search engine results, increase your site’s traffic and increase your site’s conversion.

Free SEO Tools

We know SEO can be time-consuming, so we created tools to save you time and increase your sites search engine optimization.

We currently have two SEO tools, the first allows you to run a SEO audit, allowing you to analyze your website’s optimization stratagy. Our second tool allows you to check your URL’s keyword rank easily from our convinient dashboard.

Specialized SEO Plugins

We realized that in terms of SEO plugins not much has changed, so we set out to change that. 

Our specialized SEO plugin allows you to monitor and check your website’s page rank for any given URL with any given keyword. The plugin will also track your search engine results.


SIMP SEO’s team comes from SIMP Marketing, LLC. While our team is small we are driven to provide quality SEO content for you and your website.

Contribute to SIMP SEO

We welcome help. We are always accepting guest bloggers with quality, original and SIMPle content. We also enjoy your feedback on your tools and plugins. Do you have an idea for our next tool? Let us know!

Free Tools

We know that SEO can be tricky and hard to navigate and take care of. We have created free SEO tools found right here on our site to make your SEO process quicker, more accurate and effective.

Coming Soon...

We have big plans, check back soon! 

SIMPlifying SEO for You

One plugin, tool, blog, video at a time