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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing (making your site the best) for search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, ect.) to find and share your information with their users. Search engines are in the business of answering questions and solving peoples problems. They index or sort websites content to solve problems. They are constantly crawling or scrapping the entire web, going through peoples websites, and when you end up searching Google takes all the data they have scraped and collected and sifts through that and give you what they think you want or need (They do a pretty good job).

Now that we know this SEO is the process of helping Google know/prove your website and your content is the most relevant and important information the searcher needs to see. Some of the tools or ways to do SEO are first on your website and making the content, the information on the page relative so Google can rely on your website to solve peoples problems. You then also want to show Google and the other search engines that you are reliable by having other people link to your website.So long story short SEO is the process of proving to Google and the other search engines that your website is relevant to your given industry and that you have something to offer to their visitors. Once you do that Google will show your website to your target audience.

SEO is a digital marketing technique that is often questioned, stated it is dead and saying it does not work and is a waste of time. 10 years ago people used phone books, nowadays people use Google be it on their phone, tablet, laptop or voice search. Phonebooks are dead and SEO is very much alive and if you want your business, blog, charity, office, shop to be found on Google or any other search engine your best bet to be found is through SEO. SEO is a very useful tool that besides the cost of doing it is free in a sense. It doesn’t cost you more to get more clicks while most digital advertising does.

So if you want your company to be found online (you do) then search engine optimization is the tool for you.

SEO will grow your business, charity, foundation, office or whatever you are doing with your website. Without traffic (visitors) to your website, it is a very pretty painting that no one will see, only your direct circle. You may use other forms of advertising to get people to your site (which are totally awesome and necessary) but SEO is a free tool to use to bring customers to your site (Free in terms of one visitor or a 1000 visitors coming to your website a month will cost the same).

So SEO will increase visitors to your website thus allowing them to see the content on your page and convert into customers, donors, learn about your cause or whatever you consider a conversion. 

An SEO Keyword has two sides to it, first, a keyword is something people use to search for something. So if I want to find a new razor I will google “Men’s Razor”, which is a keyword or better word, keyphrase. The second part, once you have identified thy keyword or keyphrase you will want to ‘optimize’ or place that word on the page you want to show up when people Google that word. When you place keywords on a website, in the text it is called on-page SEO.
On-Page SEO is just as it sounds, SEO that is done on your website. This starts with building a solid website. Simp Marketing can help with that and build a solid sales funnel website. Once you have a solid website you need to put content on that page. It is suggested that we put 2000 plus words on a page to get in the number one spot for SEO. That content also needs to be relevant and second you need to make sure your content contains your keyword(s). However, when you put your SEO keywords on the page you need to make sure it is not too dense. Another part of on-page SEO are the meta description and SEO title. These are the titles and descriptions you see when you Google something. One cool free SEO tool for SEO work on a website is the WordPress plugin, Yoast. Yoast is not perfect and has some issues but is an excellent tool in helping with your SEO and in particular your on-page SEO.
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