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Simp SEO is dedicated to making SEO SIMPle. We understand the Search Engine Optimization is complex for many businesses and we make is simple and easy with our SEO services.

Free SEO Tools, SEO Courses, and Awesome Plugins!

We at SIMP SEO are dedicated in our mission to bring SIMPle yet effective SEO tools, plugins & information.

Why settle for anything less than the best? We want to make sure your site is optimized in your search engine optimization endeavor one keyword at a time. From free SEO audits to how-tos of SEO and awesome, innovative SEO plugins we are here to bring you SIMPle SEO.

Free SEO Audit

Our free, quick and easy to understand SEO audit is one of a kind, allowing you to get a quick analysis of your website’s overall SEO health. Get your site scanned for free today!

Beginners SEO Guide

SEO is complex and there is no hiding that but we attempt to make the complex simple, one keyword at a time.

SIMP Keyword Rank Tracker

Our Rank Tracker brings the ability to track your page rank for any page on your site with any keyword from a convenient WordPress Dashboard.


All of SIMP SEO is brought to you by Simp Marketing, a small but powerful marketing firm dedicated to their clients success.

SEO Plugins

With our one of our kind keyword rank plugin, you can now track your URL’s keywords rank from your WordPress dashboard. Start for Free today!

Keyword Rank Check

Our Tool allows you to check the Google Rank of any URL with any keyword from our convenient dashboard all for free and in seconds.

SEO Overview

We will help you get a quick and easy snapshot of the overall SEO health of your website, from simple meta tags to word count and more will are dedicated to your SEO success.

Monthly SEO Plans

We want to make it so you can take care of your own site’s SEO but sometimes the benefit of a full-time SEO specialist is what your site needs to hit significant SEO success.

Easy As 1…2…3…

We make sure SEO is as SIMPle as 1…2…3… Fist you run our FREE SEO AUDIT on your site, Second you follow our SIMPle SEO COURSE and third you can check your keyword rank with our awesome WordPress PLUGIN.

Free Tools

We know that SEO can be tricky and hard to navigate and take care of. We have created free SEO tools found right here on our site to make your SEO process quicker, more accurate and effective.

Awesome Plugins

Along with our free tools, we offer awesome SEO plugins to allow your WordPress site to go from a website dashboard to an SEO dashboard, that will save you time with automated Keyword tracking.

SIMPlifying SEO for You

and your business with proven results

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